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Other Useful Websites, Blogs and Posts

The following are links to websites, blogs and posts:

1 – All the Questions and Answers: the links, videos, photographs and references www.forthesakeofthegospel.co.uk

2 – Defence Website – responds to Journalistic reporting about Tony Anthony: http://framingthetiger.com/

3 – Article by www.theway.co.uk – Christian Publication Crucifies UK Evangelist: http://www.theway.co.uk/news-9517-christian-publication-crucifies-uk-evangelist

4 – Article by www.theway.co.uk – Tony Anthony and The Way Work Together: http://www.theway.co.uk/news-9638-evangelist-tony-anthony-and-the-way-work-together

5 – Video Interviews with: Tim Pearson (The Way), Laura Barnett (For The Sake Of The Gospel Website), Tony Anthony’s Family, Tony Anthony (Evangelist/Missionary): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3txf0J0eV8&list=FLnQTZc06Pg0M8Rg0lShknaA

6 – Evangelism teaching series by Tony Anthony posted by TheWay (Christianity Without Walls): http://www.theway.co.uk/lifestyle/passion/intro.php