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Why Was Tony Anthony Investigated By The Evangelical Alliance And Why Did Avanti Ministries Close?

My name is Ian Bruce.  My daughter, son-in-law and I authored and developed a website in response to the vast majority of accusations,

comments and opinions which had been propelled into the public domain about Tony Anthony.  The lack of evidence from the people who oppose Tony’s fruitful ministry became all too apparent as we compiled the vast bank of systematic responses which are accompanied by substantial factual evidence.  You can view the site here:  www.forthesakeofthegospel.co.uk

Since going live, the vast majority of responses to ‘For The Sake Of The Gospel’ have been of appreciation at the reasonable answers, explanations and testimonies regarding the life of Tony.  Individuals, groups, churches and full-time Christian ministries (eg www.theway.co.uk) have publically stated that God has used this to completely vindicate the man and his ministry (Isaiah 54 v 17) and we have been thrilled that hundreds of people have heard the Gospel in the UK and abroad since.

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Aware that concerns surrounding the content of the accusations, comments and opinions in the public domain continue (perhaps influenced by some of the sources of information in circulation), we approached Tony and asked him about the Avanti Ministries website and who owned it.  We hoped it might be possible to post some of our findings for ease of reference for those who continue to search for answers about this situation.  Tony informed us that he owns the website and has funded it for a significant period of  time.  He continued to fund its presence in the public domain to allow Avanti Ministries the opportunity to post their statement about the organisation’s closure and the investigation of Tony Anthony’s testimony.  We asked for permission to post some information on this website and he gave his consent.

We therefore invite you to prayerfully access and read through the information

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for which we have created links (below) asking that you neither take our word regarding support for Tony or listen to those who sought to put a case against him.  We also invite you to look at other websites, blogs and posts that have been created by others in defense of Tony Anthony (click here to view).  Finally, we ask you to consider the fruit of this ministry and the life that delivers the ministry.  Jesus told His disciples they would know God’s own by their fruit (Matthew 7:16).

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Thank You.